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The biggest style enhancers are the small elements - namely jewelry. On the necks of the models from catwalks swing long, dangling necklaces. They are unconventional and seemed from the past. Forms and materials vary, but the size is necessarily large.

Thr bag! It reveals a lot about our character by it's size, color, fabric, and the way carry it - namely on our shoulder, arm, cross body, even waist. Happily this year we have a choice: mini bag with long handle, big bags with very short handle through which to pass fingers or wrist, bags "bucket" type and the next
top figure for summer 2015 is the rectangle. Last but not least are the retro bags. The "Doctor" bag with its strict, streamlined structure is returning. Floral interpretations will be suitable for the spring-summer season. Returning are the familiar, large sports bag and cylindrical bag.

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